NEW OORT CLOUD ALBUM "Invest!" Coming June 27. 2024!!

Oort Cloud [/ɔːrt klaʊd/] the comets are approaching ≈ by means of 1 speed of light,
decelerated by the gods ≈ solar system, disperse our a·t·o·m·s. ≈ 5:4:3:x/y ≈ the
disorder of the stars, caressing me tenderly ≈ an exchange of our celestial bodies takes place ≈
omega [ω] sagittarii ≈ the length of a parallax second, the duration of a microwave,
the ≈ c - p + e impossibility of simultaneousness

Cyrill Ferrari (g)

Johanna Pärli (b)

Michael Cina (d)